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Up until the 16th century, the Maison Carrée was used as a municipal consular building and was known as ‘Le Capitole’.

Local historian Léon Ménard explains how the changes brought to the building effaced many of the vestiges of the ancient architecture, particularly in the interior: ‘First, the interior was divided into several rooms, and even into two floors; arches were constructed, a fireplace was built, which stood against the east wall, and a spiral staircase was added to the west wall. Furthermore, several square windows were put in to light these new apartments. The consuls [...] closed off the entrance area with a wall, stretching from one column to the other, more windows were added and a cellar ran from the underground vault to the hall. The front steps were also demolished.’ 

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The Maison Carrée, a consular house
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11th century
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