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At this time, Nîmes was a modest fortified village, an oppidum built on the slopes of Mont Cavalier, which provided a certain degree of protection. Early on, the prosperity of the Greek colony of Massalia (current-day Marseille) attracted the greed of the Romans. When a conflict broke out between the Massalia and the Celtic tribes of the area, the City turned to the Romans for help. The Romans then settled in the region, extending their territory along the Mediterranean coast of Gaul. This province, extending from the Alps to the Pyrenees, was known as Gallia Narbonensis. During this period, the city of Nîmes was called Nemausus, in honour of a Gallic god whose cult was related to the sacred springs that flowed in the city.

Titre de l'évènement: 
The founding of Nîmes
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2nd century BC
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